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    Looking for design clients..

    We are currently looking for design clients.

    Below are some of our prices..

    We will make site templates, which give you full rights, and the PSD, from $100+ depending on the size...

    Full sites from $200+, also depending on size..

    Our portfolio can be seen at

    If you would like a design for you, or have any questions at all, please contact me at [email protected]


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    j/W adamtuttle is another user on WHT so why would they email him? Is this another account of his? Me wonders????
    Todd Goldberg
    AIM: FourNmedia

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    Yes this is another account of mine that I use for selling designs..

    Now back to the topic

    We are currently looking for design clients.

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    Not to be harsh, but please read the WHT Forum rules:

    A maximum of one account per person, regardless of how many companies you represent.

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    Well actually it wont really matter because I am going to discontinue use of my other account.

    Now back to the topic..

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