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Thread: file transfer

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    file transfer

    i have a client that would like to know how to transfer his files from his old sever to our new server the fastet. is there a software that i can do this with?

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    Hi cwshost,

    He can copy his old site to his own PC using WS_FTP then transfer it to his new site using the same software.

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    Not sure if this'll help but, If he has shell access to both servers.. just use scp

    login to old server and..
    scp directory [email protected]:/home/user/ (Modify full path to suit)

    [email protected]= new server user and IP

    this will transfer "directory" and all it's contents over to new server, all while still logged into old server (Poor old server
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    Without shell access, he can use FTP clients which support server to server transfer, he can find them at
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