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    Need a webmaster/designer that likes anime and is willing to make a site

    ok as you saw in the subject i need a web designer/webmaster that likes anime and is willing to make an anime site. I have a host with 750 mb space and 15 GB transfer but I can't do anything with it becuase I am no good with web design. I need someone to make the site (not a template make it and manage it) and this person has to be willing to help me manage only really with updates on the site which have to be done with web design so you'll be in charge for that. I can't really pay anyone but I will give all design credit to you and say you are co-owner of the site. And I will link any of your sites on mine I'm sorry but that is all I can do for payment cause I am kind of broke as of now. This would help me a lot and the site will be fun and probably go big and get some hits. I just need someone's help here.

    contact me via:
    AIM: EJIce12
    ICQ: 151666808
    PM me

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    Ricky Lipe
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    You can view my portfolio at, My prices arent as cheap as the ones listed above but I can guarantee my work will be more advanced, as you can see by the portfolio..
    - Adam

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    lol, does no one read anymore!?

    He wants you to create, design and update the site all for FREE. But hey "the site will be fun and probably go big and get some hits" so DO IT!

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