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    Webmail through corporate firewalls

    Hello all,

    My current hosting service provides webmail as a feature. To access the webmail, its a non-standard port. So if was my site, then for the webmail I would have to point to www.mysite.comomePort.

    While this works for me when I am at home, when I am at my work place I dont have access to the nonstandard port. I think this is because of our corporate firewall blocking it. Similarly, I cant access the pop server, but can access it through the mail settings on yahoo.

    I wanted to ask other users/hosts if they ever ran across such a problem, and if they have been able to find a way out.

    (I plan to ask the IT department to check, but I dont expect much success).

    I'm quite perplexed and I dont know if this is the general rule or my specific situation.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the post, appreciate any suggestions and replies.

    Zicco Fen.

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    Hello Zolcat,

    There is a few programs at that allow you access of you emails using a webmail sort program on normal port 80 (http)

    One i like and seen aroun is IWM Internet Web Mail Its free and easy to use.

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    Yeah use webmail.

    You should have a look at a program called HTTP Tunnel. It lets you use msn through port 80, but I am not too sure about email.
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    or have a firewall rule added...

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    3,587 might be of some help to you.



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