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    * NEED advice for fast & reliable webhost!!

    My requirements include:
    1. fast!
    2. reliable!
    3. 500M+ storage space
    4. 10G-20G/mo data transfer

    My price range is $10~$15. But $20/mo is acceptable if the
    web host is really fast & reliable.

    I've made a general research in this forum and got a
    simple list of options as follows.

    10G $6.9/mo --
    10G $7.95/mo --
    10G $9.95/mo --
    10G $10.95/mo --
    10G $12.95/mo --
    12G $7.99/mo --
    15G $7/mo --
    15G $9.95/mo --
    15G $9.95/mo --
    15G $9.95/mo --
    15G $10.99/mo --
    15G $13.95/mo --
    16G $6/mo --
    16G $7.90/mo --
    20G $12.95/mo --
    (can park 20 domains?)
    20G $14.95/mo --
    25G $14.95 --
    30G $20 --

    Can you give me some suggestions on these web hosts? Real
    experiences are especially welcome.
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    Still no reply? : (
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    I think you should post your request in the Web Hosting Requests forum at the bottom
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    Originally posted by JonL
    I think you should post your request in the Web Hosting Requests forum at the bottom
    He's not fishing for requests, he wants experiences from people who have joined the host. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
    Reliable web site hosting is our motto. We have Alertra stats to back that up.
    Proven provider of high quality shared and reseller accounts since 2002.
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    You could try searching these forums and see if these hosts have been previously discussed.
    Lowest prices on 2Gbps, 5Gbps & 10Gbps DEDICATED unmetered servers!!!
    █ Custom 10Gbps unmetered clustered server solutions! Email us for more info!
    Over 24 world wide locations to choose from!
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    no experience with any of these sorry.. nice to see someone doing some proper research tho
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    Maybe I can ask in this way:

    Among these web hosts, which ones you will never choose?
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    Hi ...............though dot5hosting isn't on your list..........You may wish to consider them)they offer 500 mg storage and 20gb bandwidth for 15.00 and they are a good company.......Quick to respond to queries, good uptime (in the 3 months I have been there) and very professional to deal with...............
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    474 is incredible. Choose them. I haven't had any problems with them. Great up time, reliability and customer satisfaction.

    Good luck.
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