Here at Chewnet we are putting the finishing touches to our brand new developed site which many of you know about. Lately we opened up a promo to give the chance of many of you to experience our work at some low pricing, for this last week before we have our new site totally completed.

Well, I'd like to update you all, and how much of a success its been already! - However, for these last 3 days before entering the market with our new and more SENSIBLE pricing structure, I'd still like to give the chance for you all to experience the work at even more INSANE pricing. (Just for these last 3 days!!)

Custom Template Designs: $75!!
Logo Designs: $35!!
Banner Ads: $35!! - Includes 4 - 468x60 designs

Turn over times
Time is a big factor when dealing with our customers...working to a time scale, and punctuality with prioritising work is a must! Below are the regular turn over times we keep to when dealing with the following areas in design.

Custom Template Designs: 3 - 4 days
Logo Designs: 24 - 48hrs
Banner Ads: 24 - 48hrs

Payment can either be made via Paypal or credit card, which ever is best for you! You can order either via submitting from our site: www.chewnet.biz OR contacting us directly: [email protected]

Either way, we will still be using this pricing structure for these last 3 days! So get in your orders now!!

I look forward to your requests!
Best Regards,
Leigh Hewitt.
Chewnet Web Services