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    Exclusive Domain for Web Hosts for quick sale!

    A simple and easy-to-remember name for any web host. Ideal for startup web hosting service providers of any scale. The "Ten" can symbolize "a $10 per month hosting" or the service quality (ie: ten-of-ten, 10/10) like "web hosting that's a perfect 10" or "top ten reasons why choose tenhosting ..." etc.

    Registrar: (Domain Expiry: June 2003, Renewal Fee: $8.88/year)

    Please visit to place your bid or e-mail me at [tenhosting-at-broid-dot-com] if you or your associate(s) may be interested in buying the domain! Professional quality corporate identity (please see and web design services (please see to go with the domain are also available, as needed.
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    I bid ten dollars!

    Just kidding, had to do it. hehe

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    I would actually like to bid on this. but i am not going to pay $49 to be a memebre just to bid on your domain.........

    Ill give yout $75

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    removed bid

    we are removing our bid on this domain.

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