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    What types of Processors are best for gaming?

    Hello All:

    Im looking to purchase a new PC, and am wondering what are the best processors (computers) that are the best for intense gaming.

    Thanks all for your feedback...

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    all round speed is required. A fast cpu, go two speeds down from the fastest available, say 2.4 gig p4 or amd 2200+, youll need the mosy saved from not buying bleeding edge for later, fast ram and lots of it a least 512mb of ddr or faster, a fast ide drive (7200 not 5400, min 40 gb), gfx card now you are torn between say an ati 9700 or a nvidia ti4600.
    make sure the motherboard rocks. none of this cheap junk. get one that supports the fastest ram you can afford. go rd if you can afford it. get over to places like and see whats topping out the benchmarks.

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    I prefer Athlon XP for games. Something in the XP 2000-2600 range would suit you well.
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    amd has always been known to work well with games...but if your looking for stability stick with intel.
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    The best processors for a game are dual processors.
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    Originally posted by flitcher
    The best processors for a game are dual processors.
    True, though most games it wont help at all (unless you are the type who likes to listen to music, encode some videos and frag at the same time). There was a discussion a while ago in the 2cpu forums. Let me find that link.

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