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    Weird Code in apache/logs/access_log --please see--

    Anyone seens this before??

    what is happening? - - [10/Oct/2002:06:56:39 -0500] "HEAD /?UpTime.ru_Checker_9)ov:7v,2+A3L?Ok\\tm,[4@(.aXj^l<WkJ63sD0pgOtu<S,RkSZ021DKkE6cKLUq*]4aQ;(;bWJeQ/[JKD8YFaDPTr:B_u5935N]VuAIO>49+U\\eUA)+e^AR\\n*mB;7BeML^ZsSd=`7Dmp8n)G].`6)YfPqY)8]t*+5Rf(v18`e:VHLP;PLr<[email protected];+G3>cf<hJ`Prhb.K.cNuD59hc]?,\\2nr]:rm552/4p1PeR+OJ)[email protected]<;]dC+dL;6Vs:GAjjC8d`?[KHWu+u7Y,sj;//<KO6-PDvL-g=Pr+VLt;`ACTYM7?dNSmXp([email protected]=u^6,)n_C+e(n.Z8d+fBiL[C3U3N7`TRdt\\c1)f8i=6DE,O:0,iIibq7.)G_4g+c;ZG9tA^RqQ5n73u?PiWe.*1Zq>1OAk\\dVJ.@]Q),^IP4vtJSln<UOdA>8WSJWitNd)e]tnQ]9hk`skWZ5*ftS,t=WFb*QJh<g>Fr0H?aac]*pkPZS:u, HTTP/1.1" 200 0

    Thanks for all your advise ...

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    it's someone trying to drive you crazy
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  3. #3 can i find where the source of it?
    I been loookin n lookin and ........i couldnt find it..any clue?

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