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    I must say, I've been with them for a little over a week and perhaps this is just to early for me to comment. But I couldn't hold back, so here it goes. Talk about quality and support. I'm not too familiar with CPanel, or WHM and it's taken me awhile to learn it. I must say, I did overcome some bumps, but this was the help from their 24hour support staff. They helped me on every single question I asked. Either about CPanel, to creating my own Nameservers, or to even changing a theme. And no I didn't have to wait for days for a reply, it either came instantly or within the next 4 hours. Support, Quality and Price...A+. for them. Check them out. They have a pretty cool deal on their Private Label Reseller plan...awesome awesome!

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    Thanks for your insight on this host and I wish you all the best in the future!

    Also, thanks for the tip on their reseller plan - helps out a lot

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    Hi Spindeep..
    Thanks for your kind words..
    Although Faculty here thinks you're one of our employees and this is spam well..believe it or not's not spam..and I'm very surprised that Spin has posted this because he's one of our resellers and I didn't think he'd disclose this on a post

    Spindeep..I hope that we'll always be up to your expectations..
    Caro.Net: Support is everything
    Offering High Quality Dedicated Servers.

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