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    computer problems please help

    Hi everyone,

    Its funny i am trying to see if anyone understands my prob and has any ideas how to fix it.

    Try to open icq i get an error. Try to open up ssh(putty) error anything related to the internet except ie gets and error. I come to this board login within a few mins it forgets me. I go to windows update it scan for updates i get nothing.

    I am running windows 2000 now but was windows xp. I have formatted this system 3 times now put in a new network card and everything Still same problem. I have put the latest service packs on. same damn problem.

    If someone has any ideas and can fix this i will try and give you a $$$ reward.

    William Wilson

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    It would be easier if you put in exactly what errors you get. That way someone might be able to help you faster. Also... believe it or not, but Microsoft has a forum/newsgroup where you can post questions to other windows users and search for a particular problem.
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