We've decided to use a different method for our customer tracking and ordering, so now we don't need our WHNBilling Script License. This is a Tier1 (closed source) version that sells for $299.00.

I'm willing to let it go for $170.00 o.b.o. and this license includes free updates of the script for life.

This script is great if you have accounts on a cPanel/WHM server. It processes all of the order information and automatically creates accounts on the server, saving a lot of time and hassle. It also has automatic invoicing management, among other features.

Please email your offer to [email protected] or message me via AIM: Support360.

Here's some info on this great script's features:
Automatic credit card billing on anniversary date of account signup
Allows both NON-CC bills and CC bills (for users to send check / MO)
Interfaces into Cpanel/WHM with full automated signup and instant credit card processing on signup
Integrated Fraud detection (if supported by your clearing house)
Quick and easy navigation system allowing you to get to the information you need fast!
Heavily Encrypts all credit cards before storage in MySQL
Users can login themselves and update billing information, view accounts and invoices
Allows one time charges to a customer account
Full Support for packages
Fully integrated refund system
Interfaces seamlessly into Linkpoint Pro, Echo, BluePay, CyberCash and Authorize.NET
Custom Report Generating system for: Revenue/Signups/Customers/Transactions.
Easy to setup signup emails, invoice headers and footers
Ability to email all customers in billing system using one form.
Cpanel Version: Ability to cluster servers & allow WHNBilling to setup accounts on any server you specify
Multi-User login ability
Instant Reseller Account activations!
Information checking when customers update their credit cards
Lost Password feature so clients can get their login information without your intervention!
Courtesy Email Abilities - Setup on cron to notify customers in advance when they will be billed
2 step Account Addition with ability to auto-create invoices
Automatic notice sent to customers with declined cc, instructing them to update their account
Search Lookup by Customer Name, Domain Name, Email, Credit Card
New Gateway - Linkpoint Pro, BluePay & Echo-Inc
Prorate Billing Option
Editable Tax Information
New Interface for Admin / Clients!
Automated Reseller Feature for Cpanel (Supported Gateway required for real time processing)
More reliable credit card checking for end client updates done in real time
Lost Password feature
Courtesy Email Notification
Automated Cancellation Feature
Comments section for customers
Last Login feature
Instant News Updates (admin side)

Zend Optimizer
Curl with SSL and PHP Support
For CyberCash, you must have MCK installed and a valid merchant_conf file in your /etc/ directory.
For Authorize.net - Curl
For BluePay - Curl

More info & a demo at http://www.whnbilling.com