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    We are a Non Profit Web Hosting company...and we have everything!

    We run a non-profit web hosting company. Check out what we offer:

    -500 Megabytes of Storage Space. Thats right... 1/2 a gigabyte of storage. I dare you to try to find more disk space for the same price!
    -3 Gigabytes of transfer per month
    -Optionally, you can have a dedicated IP address for your website!
    -Our server is hosted using multiple SONET OC-48 rings which act as the true fast lanes of the internet, routing your traffic around network congestion. To give you an idea of how fast our connections OC-48 line is the same as 2.488 Gigabits per second. Fast huh?
    -Our connection comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Therefor we can pass this guarantee on to you. If we dont have to pay for the server, neither do you!
    -Our server runs Red Hat Linux with the Apache web server. All standard web hosting software. No special setups, or custom configurations to screw with your programs or make the process difficult
    -$0 setup cost
    -Near Instant Activation, so you can start uploading your stuff ASAP
    -Ad free webhosting. Only what you want to put on your pages will actually appear. We wont add advertising in anyway, shape, or form...EVER.
    -Unlimited POP3/IMAP/Webmail E-Mail accounts on your domain or subdomain.
    -Unlimited FTP accounts on your domain or subdomain.
    -Unlimited "Parked" domains (these domains point to the root http directory)
    -Unlimited "Addon" domains (these domains point to a directory inside your account)
    -Unlimited Subdomains under your domain (ex:
    -Unlimited MySQL databases
    -Unlimited E-Mail Aliases (forwarders) on your domain or subdomain
    -Unlimited E-Mail Auto Responders on your domain or subdomain
    -Unlimited Mailing Lists
    -Unlimited E-Mail Blockers
    -Frontpage Extensions installed upon request
    -A couple of built in "Ad free" WebMail systems (NeoMail and Horde webmail systems...use whichever one you prefer). Horde webmail is pretty awesome and has a lot of functions similar to outlook.
    -Complete PHP, PERL 5, TCL, C++, Python, and Java Support!
    -Password protected Directories
    -Powerful Shopping Cart System
    -Free Anonymous FTP Server
    -VERY Detailed Web Site Statistics (View Webalizer Web Stats, Webalizer FTP Stats, AwStats Stats, Analog Stats, Bandwidth Logs, Error Log, or Download the Raw Log File for your own stats software. All of these stats options are also generated individually for each subdomain under your account)
    -Server Side Includes (SSI)
    -Secure Server
    -Shell account using SSH Telnet (a good SSH Telnet program is available for download upon request).
    -Cron Jobs
    -PGP Keys
    -Web Based Site Builder
    -A whole list of Pre-Configured and ready to go Java and CGI programs. Just plug them into your website

    All that for $5/mo or $50/yr. Domain name registration is $10/yr extra.

    check us out at

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    What organization do you guys donate your proceeds to? We were also interested in doing something like this for some local churches and youth groups but were not sure where to start..

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    We do not donate any of the proceeds to a group. Any profit that might be realized from this venture is re-invested back into the server in the form of upgrades, etc. You could think of us as an association of independant webmasters...and each pays their due for the webspace.

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    But in that sense, even co-op's profit..

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    Originally posted by CSD
    But in that sense, even co-op's profit..
    Good point. You will also find that a large number, of the true Non-profits, also make a profit. Even after paying overhead expenses and such... they do still operate with a positive cash flow (or balance).

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    yeah, Right now the model we have setup will produce a small profit...but thats just to make sure that incase someone drops out, we can still pay for the server...again...any money that is made goes right back into the server in to the server.

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