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    What is up with Hostcharge?

    What is up with Hostcharge. I tried to get money wired for the first time a week ago, and no luck. I sent them a email to thier "super fast support" and have not had an answer in 24 hours. This is a little rediculous, and starting to remind me of 2CO a little.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    BTW - they are down now, and I am just a little anxious as far as where people's money is going with these companies....

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    Hiya, seems up to me, maybe it was a short downtime? Annoying though, I know
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    Yeah it must have been a short downtime. Their website works perfectly for me.
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    I had a problem with their [email protected] email as well - no answers period.

    Try contacting Trevor directly at trevor[at] and explain the problem.

    fyi - i tried the wire thing too and it didnt work for me - when follow up was done by Trevor the error was something about my bank needing an intermediary bank or something and then it returned the wire back to hostcharge as invalid.

    Burn my britches it did - cuz I called the bank and they had no idea wth an 'intermediary' bank would be in regards to a wire.
    -shrug- I asked Trevor to send a cheque/bank draft instead.

    I'm rambling. I'll stop now. =]

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    Hostcharge is owned by Acenet who also owns Atwebhost. Atwebhhost is the servers that Hostcharge is on. Atwebhost has been having DDos attacks and been goign up and down but they have solved their problems. As for the money wires they should have that taken care of soon for you i think.

    (I dont work for them anymore but still have a good ear in on whats going on with the company)

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