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    Just got an assignment from my school..

    Is it possible to do it via web forms/interface, PHP and MySQL?
    Any feedback would be a appreciated, I am not looking for a solution, but I am not sure if I can do it via MySQL PHP combo....
    Maybe there is a better way to attempt it...?
    Thanks for reading...
    See below for the project:

    Imagine this: Your IT consulting company has been contracted by a University to develop a system which will allow their instructors the ability to generate various course exams based on a pool of questions (for each course/instructor). The application would store the pool of questions in a database for an entire course (assume a sequence of exams that cover various chapters throughout the course) and, would generate various exams by selecting questions based on a set of rules defined by each instructor (the system should allow for each instructor's exam creation rules to be uniquely defined). Only one stored data repository file is required for each instructor/course. The ability to store the data repository under a user specified filename and directory as well as the ability to load the datafile (for editing/reviewing/printing purposes) should also be included. Additionally, each set of rules (for each exam) should also be saved for future reference and be editable by the application along with the actual exam itself.

    The exam question data input should contain the following fields (each of which are required data entry fields):

    Chapter ID
    Exam Question
    Answer (either essay answers or multiple choice answers)
    Multiple choice answers (from 2 to 5 selections) should be allowed to accompany each question at the instructor's discression.
    A way to input the exam header and footer information to be printed on each page (i.e. course name, instructor name, date, etc.)
    A nice feature would also allow for graphical elements to be part of an exam question in addition to just a text-based or multiple choice question (via cut/paste or "browse" for a graphic file to be included).

    Once a data field has been entered the instructor will click a button to enter "Next Question" or "Clear Fields" or "Create Exam" (you should also think about how you want the "write data repository file" functionality to work). There should also be a way to load and select questions/answers from the data repository to facilitate editing. A nice feature would be to not clear all the data entry fields as a way to speed up the data entry. This feature would therefore, not require re-entering various common fields (i.e. Chapter ID) for each subsequent question. You will also need to consider and include ways to poke-yoke this system to reduce/eliminate data entry and exam creation errors.

    The system also must include an on-line help facility explaining the various features, functions and term definitions, etc.

    The exam creation functionality should allow for the following data entry and exam creation capabilities:

    A way for the instructor to specify the number of questions to include per chapter (the system would randomly select the specified number of questions from each set of chapter questions for the exam).
    A way for the instructor to specifically select questions from each chapter that would be included on every exam if the instructor chose to do so.
    The number of unique exams to create based on the previous specifications (to minimize the temptation for student cheating).
    A way to save/print the exam (or set of unique exams) that has been generated for that course. Printing would be in PDF format with multiple pages if required.
    The option to save/print the exam with the answers included for the instructor and obviously, exams without the answers for the students.
    You can assume that the exam will be a print-out list of questions and the student will answer those questions in a blue-book (no need to provide extra space between each question)

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    Yes, it can be done with PHP/MySQL.

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