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    * BIG Colocation Special (Limited Time)

    Full Rack (45U rack)
    1Mbps of Premium Bandwidth (UUNet, ATT, Internap, Qwest)
    1 x 20amp Power Drop

    Customized Online Portal including:
    MRTG Stats
    Monitoring metrics
    Reboot requests
    DNS requests
    Trouble Ticketing
    Outage Notification

    Free Server Monitoring (up to 10 servers)
    Dual 100Mbps uplink running HSRP (100% uptime)
    64 free IP addresses
    State of the Art Tier-1 Dallas Texas Datacenter
    Free DNS service
    24 x 7 Phone & Email Support
    Free Hands and Eyes

    Setup Fee: FREE
    Monthly Price: $495

    For additional details or to get setup please contact me directly.
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    How about reading the forum rules? You can only have 1 (ONE) advertising thread per 5 days - not 5 (FIVE). Like UmBillyCord stated in another thread no one should contact you - anyone who can't read the rules, can't run a good business.
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    I'll tell you what Vipe I'll remove some of the old posts if that will make you happy. I just registered here yesterday so I apologize for offending you.

    However don't downgrade the service my company offers, you don't know us. So let's be polite about things, I made a mistake because I'm new....

    I'm sure you have made mistakes.

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    ThePlanet = top notch. They host sites such as, which is *very* popular for computer enthusiasts.

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    theplanet may very well be a fine colocation facility, but they still have to adhere to the same rules as everyone else.

    That's the only point he was trying to make.

    And besides, new users should read the rules.. shouldn't they?

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    I agree new people should obey the rules also.

    I apoligized for what I did, and have asked the moderators to remove the old posts I listed. Just so it would make everyone happy. So lets consider this the end of the thread please. Unless some has questions about the services.

    <<MOD NOTE: Those threads removed, carry on>>

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    I recommend , excellent service, top network

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    I agree with vipe - read the forum rules, no matter how good the planet is, there are no special exemptions for anyonwto be fair. And 'your host', are you related to ? They are very good...
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    Originally posted by whatever
    I agree with vipe - read the forum rules, no matter how good the planet is, there are no special exemptions for anyonwto be fair. And 'your host', are you related to ? They are very good...
    He never asked for an exemption, and even instructed the mod to remove the old threads, so leave him alone.

    This is a sweet deal, and I hope all the ******** on WHT don't scare yourhost away. I'm looking forward to more deals from a great NOC.

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    My experiences with YourHost

    Since folks seem all over YourHost's posting violation, I thought I would share my experinces, following up on this offer.

    In my past I've managed a "tech support" department for a large IT shop. I was quick to tell my support folks to use the "RTFM" line on the lamers (we supported developers). Be we all used this with common sense. The lazy folks will identify themselfs quickly enough because they never read the rules/pubs. Then there are mistakes. I think Jeff simply made a mistake, which he quickly tried to correct. Between him and the moderator, the checks and balances in this system proved that it works. Any further to-do on the subject is simply not productive.

    I found Jeff to be extremely professional and helpful. This offer is competitive, and when backed by a company with a decent reputation, is one hard to ignore. I can't find any neg press (out side of this thread) on ThePlanet. They offer decent bandwidth and look like they have wonderful facilities. I've spoke to some of their hacks in the tech side of the house, and they sound like they know what their doing.

    Based on Jeff's willingness to provide information, this competive offer, and the apparent compentency of the techs, I ordered a full rack today, and am scheduled to move my first box in on 11/1.

    I don't offer idle praise, and I'll be quick to use this board as leverage should ThePlanet not be able to deliver on their promises.


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