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    CP for Sharepoint?

    Does anyone know if there is a CP that will work with Sharepoint? I know this sounds like a dumb question but believe me, after my experience with Command Matrix it's not. They clashed like you wouldn't believe.

    Any help is apreciated.


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    Below is what was posted on the Etrinix forums on Oct. 7th, 2002.


    I was asked to post this here as this is an important issue which needs to be brought to the notice of all users.

    When you manually enable the FrontPage Server Extensions on a website, folder permissions for that website are not set properly (as per CM requirements), and the website admin user gets read-only access. This does not happen when you enable FP using the CM.

    Now about why FrontPage Server Extensoins were not working for you via CM:

    You've installed MS SQL Server, and changed the password of 'sa' (the administrative user of SQL Sever).

    Following is from Microsoft's Website addressing issues with FP Server Extensions Administration Utility and MS SQL.

    After you change the database connection password for your SharePoint team Web site, you cannot use your Microsoft Office Server Extensions-based Web sites for discussions or collaborations.

    Please refer to :;Q292644&

    The Administration utility for FrontPage Server Extension uses MS SQL Server Desktop engine, even if there is no SQL Server installed on the server. When you install an SQL Server on the machine, the password of "sa" (Administrative User of MS SQL Server) is blank (by default). The Administration utility for FrontPage Server Extensions stop working when you change the password of the user "sa". To manage this, one needs to redefine the installation defaults manually, for FP Administration.

    So, the FP Administration utility was updated on your server. Now, everything seems to be running smoothly on your server.

    Please keep in mind that whenever you change the password for the user 'sa' (MS SQL Server), you will need to redefine the "installation defaults" for FrontPage Server Extensions. To do so, follow the instructions below:

    - Open ISM (Internet Service Manager),
    - Right click "Microsoft Sharepoint Administration"
    - Click "Browse"
    - On the Server Administration Page in IE, click on the link named "Set Installation Defaults"
    - On the "Set Installation Defaults" page, under the heading "Database Settings"
    . Enter the database server name, database administrator user name and database administrator password.
    . Click "Submit".
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