BQ Internet Corporation is running a pilot program to determine the market for inexpensive high-powered rackmount servers. As such, we have developed specifications and estimated pricing for the following server during the first phase of our pilot progam:

- 1U rackmount SuperMicro SC811 SCSI case
- 3-bay hot-swappable SCA SCSI backplane
- SuperMicro 370DLR server motherboard
- ServerWorks III LE server chipset
- Dual 1.26Ghz Pentium III processors (512K cache each)
- 1GB ECC SDRAM memory
- Two 18GB 15,000RPM Seagate Cheetah SCSI drives
- RAID mirroring
- ATI RageXL graphics
- Dual 10/100 network ports

Pilot program prices:
(shipping and handling fees + applicable taxes may be additional)
Full price: $1600
One year lease: $160 per month
Two year lease: $99 per month

Server can be pre-configured with FreeBSD or Linux operating systems, and configured with server software.

For an additional $35 per month, you may also make use of rack space at one of New York's premier carrier hotels in Manhattan. Cross connects to several dozen carriers can be arranged, as well as connection to BQ Internet's network.

If you are interested in such a server system at this price, drop us a line at [email protected].

Legal: Prices, offerings, advertisements, and specifications are subject to change without notice. Listed prices are not binding.