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    * Awesome Template - Starting at $75

    I'm new here. This is actually my first hosting template and I love it. The "rules" might sound a bit stupid since its my first time but bare w/ me.

    - Click Here

    Price: Bidding starts at 75 USD

    You get:
    - HTML File
    - PSD
    - Any customization needed

    If you purchase the template is yours. You may do whatever you want to it. It will be nice if you leave {Design by VVision} down at the bottom. The bottom will be complete when template is purched. The "bidding" will last for a week (until October 16) unless there is a really nice offer (around $30 above the currect price) or there is an extension needed (nobody bidded). AND LAST JUST REMEMBER IF YOU MISSED OUT ON THIS OPPERTINUTY BUT WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH ME JUST EMAIL ME AT [email protected].

    Thank you,

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    It's not nice to steal others graphics. Notice any similarities?


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    Dont see how you can charge that much !!!

    When you can get 10 times Better for Free ???????

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    It's not nice to steal others graphics.
    Welcome to support ... Your site's down?
    Did you turn on your computer?
    Works now? ... hey, glad to help!

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    yeh i told him about the alienware pc up top. i wouldn't say he is stealing because it's just a photo. but you should get consent from alienware about it. if not then find a pic of the chieftec case that has that color

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