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    need authorizenet compatable 3rd party merchant

    We were using a merchant services through a certain company who totally screwed us over...big time. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post their name so if you want to know it, PM me.

    We had 2 chargebacks. 1 was a stolen credit card and the other one was a pure case of attack on our company.

    This person signed up for hosting. We use Web Hosting Billing's software which automatically sets up client accounts. This person said his account was never set up and issued a chargeback a week after he signed up. We have a 30 day money back guarantee andhe never once asked for a refund. He just issued a chargeback. Come to find out, HE RUNS A HOSTING COMPANY! He didn't even sign up for a reseller plan. He signed up for a simple virtual account. We contacted our merchant about it via fax with proof that this was an attack on our company. We even offered to issue a refund if they reversed the chargeback but the refused my not getting back to us after numerous calls and messages left by us.

    This account is one of 5 merchant accounts I have. A client wanted a dedicated server package from us. He paid and after about 4 days, the money still did not hit our bank account. We called our merchant and they told us we went over our limit. I said ok, sorry, just issue a credit back to his card and I'll just have him send me a check. They said that I had to issue a refund. I told them that I can't because I never got the money.

    Finally, after them holding my clients money for almost 2 weeks collecting interest, it finally got put back on his card. Then what did they do? They closed my merchant account and froze funds waiting to be transferred back to my account. They will not return my calls.

    There is no questions that I am going to sue the pants off of them and I am charging them $1,000 per day in damages until the money is transferred into our account.

    In the meantime, I need a 3rd party merchant that will work through my authorizenet account. Does anybody know where I can get one?

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    thats what i use
    Nick Twaddell
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    thanks for the quick replies. I knew could depend on the members of WHT. We have heard a lot of good things from Wells Fargo. We will also look at the other one.

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