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    Pro Web Designer Looking For More Work

    Hello, I have offered my services here a while ago and I am offering them once again! I am a web designer of 3 years who works with all the best software (flash, photoshop, freehand, illustrator, some maya, etc) and who does some great work. I have a pretty good resume with a wide range of clients. From dj to web host to bigger companies, I have done work for several companies. A recent client was Troma Entertainment (press release at ) and Dj Carboz. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] to request additional info including resume, work, etc or even PM me... I am on this site 1 or 2 times a day. I not only do web design, but I do print design, multimedia, graphic design, and pretty much anything to do with design.


    * By request, I added my full profile. To see actual work though, just email me or pm me... I would rather have interested people see my work rather than just anyone *
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    As with most services posted on here, we we really need to see a profile, even if it is small, of the work you have done so we can consider - do you have a profile or a list of sites you have designed?

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