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    Nice Flash Templates - start at $100

    Template 1:
    Click Here Please

    Price: $100

    You get:
    - HTML file.
    - PSD
    - We can change the logo and plans, but other changes will cost more.
    - Rights to resell
    - Full ownership
    - Exclusive to you

    Website (5 pages w/ flash menus):
    Click Here Please

    We made this site for our site, and it was not used, but can be remade to a hosting-type site quite easily. If bought, we will change the logo, and insert your content, as well as change the menu items in the subpages. They are flash, so you won't be changing them.... Limit 5 pages, each additional page will cost 50 dollars more.

    Price: $300

    You get:
    - HTML files.
    - PSD
    - SWF
    - We can change the logo and plans, but other changes will cost more.


    James Pederson
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    I can see if your selling templates like 4templates offers for around 20 bucks, but I think anything over 100 should be an exclusive template... and I can not stress this enough... those are not flash templates! A flash template is FULLY flash... not just a header! Good luck though.

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    When in my statements did I say that I would resell these? I wont resell them, but in all actuallity, it's my decision.

    Flash element template, whatever... not many hosting sites you see that are fully flash. So my templates have flash elements in them.... just to correct myself.


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    What I think KStudios was trying to say is that for the price of the templates that your BUYER should have the right to resell it if he/she chooses too.
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    Just a general comment here...I hope this is not inappropriate and is not geared towards any one in particular...but just a general comment.

    I would never buy a template that.....
    1. I don't receive full ownership rights...including resell right.
    2. The designer retains the right to sell other copies of.
    3. The designer requires me to keep their logo on it.

    For me the creator should include these "features" in their price, and then let the buyer decide if they want to pay that price or not.

    Just my .02

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    Nice template... especially the eye Good luck

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    Vipe understands what I was saying... if you are buying a template like is being sold exclusive to one person that you should have the rights to do whatever you want with or to it.

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    are you guys done flaming him? if he wants to sell it for his price & his conditions let him. just because you don't like something doesn't mean you need to let it be known to us. its easier for you to harrass him about his post about saying this and that instead of commenting on that it is a nice piece of work. so what if he named it wrong, you could have just PM'd him saying that it was named wrong. he's not perfect, maybe you are.

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    yeh seriosuly leave him alone. he wants to sellt hem for that price let him. what do you all care?

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    Thank you all for your comments (both negative and positive).

    My general sentiments about this subject are, that if you don't like it, don't buy it... feel free to comment on it, and tell me about any errors that you find, but don't flame me because you don't agree with my methods. We are all just trying to sell our work, and I am sure that none of you would like me hi-jacking your threads to criticize your methods or opinions.

    The price will include full ownership and resell rights, and it will be exclusive to you. This is only because I am so completely sick of seeing this template in my webs folder and not being able to do anything with it... I know it's not complete crap, and I have worked to over 10 hours and tested it in all browsers to check for errors. It's time for this puppy to sell...

    $100 for full ownership and resell rights.


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    PS, the eye is pimp isn't it? HEHE

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    I would just like to add something here.

    My partner has decided to grant resell rights to the template. However, the common reason behind not granting resell rights to designs, among designers is pretty obvious if you ask me.

    1. Why would a client not want someone to know who designed their site? I have always found that rediculous but usually comply.

    2. There are too many "wannabe" designers around these types of message boards, getting designs from other designers, then selling them to others as though they created it themselves.

    3. Something a little off topic but in the same category, and it ticks me off, is those that tell a designer they "cannot add it to their portfolio" WHY? Why should they not add THEIR work to THEIR portfolio? Now I can understand BIG corporations not wanting to publicly release information about the designers of their sites, because of legal, and conflict of interest issues.

    However, most of the folks that frequent these types of boards are hosts and designers. There is no conflict of interest here, unless the designer was dumb enough to sign a contract of that nature.

    James is a little nicer than I am, and this is probably pretty clear to anyone that has talked to either of us about situations like these. I personally would have never changed my offer, because of a few folks that choose to buy a design just to turn around and sell it as their own. Part of this business is to make a name for yourself, not make a name for someone else.

    I must say this as well, before I sign off.....If you don't like the specifications of the offer.....mind your business and don't buy it, or if your're actually interested in the design, ask the freakin designer why he has those specifications and if he's willing to change them. Don't just sit here and flame people. It's almost like people cannot survive without making someone else look bad in front of everyone. That's pretty sad.
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    this is an excellent template...definately worth the price your asking.

    good luck with selling it

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    yeah, the last two prices were 200 and 125, and people showed interest, and then didn't buy...

    Thanks for the compliments...


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