Hi all -- asking this for a Windows sysadmin I happen to be married to... here's her post, any insight?

I need to report a possible bug. We are running Siteserver 3.0 SP4 on Windows 2000 SP3. This problem first appeared on one of our servers months ago however, before we'd even upgraded to Windows 2000 so I believe it's a bug in Siteserver.

Periodically - at least several times a week - sometimes several times per day, all of our siteserver services crash on various boxes. The authentication service is first to go, followed by the IIS admin service, LDAP service, SMTP service and WWW publishing service. Today, we finally had a breakthough in discovering what was actually causing this to happen.

We do development work for our clients and password protect the development sites with Personalization & Membership. We always map our sites to the P&M instance and enable both "Clear Text" AND "DPA" in the security tab of the site. Today, we were having a client go view their latest changes and every time she went to view it, she was able to type the username and password, the page would START to load, and then IIS and other services crash. The services do all recover on their own but all the sites on the box are unresponsive for about 10-15 seconds.

We discovered she was running a Mac and using Internet Explorer and this triggered a memory from our earlier problems months ago, where a mac user running IE was causing the server to crash. I ran around the office looking for various macs running different OS's and versions of IE and I'm able to duplicate the problem!!

This doesn't seem to be isolated to one particular version of IE. The user today was running MacOS 10.1.5 and running IE5.1 Another machine is running OSX with IE 5.2.1 (4717) Another is running OS 9.2.2 and IE 5.1.6 (5010) The one machine that DIDN'T have a problem is running MacOS 8.5 and IE 5.0 (2022)

I've narrowed it down to a problem with using Distributed Password Authentication (DPA) in Siteserver. If I uncheck this box, when I type my P&M username/password, the site comes up just fine. As long as the DPA box is checked, I crash the whole server!

I've searched the MS knowledge base but can't seem to find anything on this problem. Can you please tell me if this is a problem with our server configurations (which I don't think so, because it's happening on multiple servers - both Win2k and NT4 configurations) or if it's truly a bug in Siteserver? If we need to contact support, we will.. but if this is a bug, we'd like to see if it can be resolved!