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    * Brand new 1U rackmount servers for $499

    Due to the success of our recent piggyback order of 1U rackmount servers, our custom builder has asked me to offer the following SPECIAL DEAL for WHT MEMBERS only. You must contact me to take advantage of this special as I will be handling the orders.

    When you e-mail me, you MUST mention WHT in order to get these prices, otherwise the price is substantially higher.

    Brand new Racktivity 1U rackmount servers

    - 1U all metal rackmount case
    - 1.75" x 19" x 20"
    - 1 visible 5.25" bay and 3.5" bay
    - 1 hidden 3.5" bay
    - 250 watt power supply
    - Thumbscrew front panel door
    - 850Mhz Celeron processor
    - Low-profile copper based cooling
    - 24X CD-ROM
    - 20GB 7200RPM hard drive
    - IDE Ultra DMA
    - 1 Parallel/1 serial ports
    - PS/2 KB and mouse ports
    - 2 USB ports
    - Integrated 10/100 mbit LAN
    - AC97 audio
    - Trident Blade 3D video
    - 128MB RAM

    $499.00 plus shipping/handling

    All components 100% new, no refurbs -- full warranty applies.

    Upgrades available:

    - 1.2GHz Celeron (add $50.00)
    - 1.7GHZ Celeron (add $90.00)

    - 40GB hard drive (add $35.00)
    - 60GB hard drive (add $65.00)

    - 256MB RAM (add $35.00)
    - 512MB RAM (add $65.00)

    - Floppy drive (add $20)

    This is a limited time offer subject to availability and may be discontinued at any time without notice.

    Email: [email protected]

    to order or to receive a complete quote including shipping and handling costs.
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    I thank my Lord for all His wonderful blessings.

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    What motherboard?

    What harddrive?

    What case? (or waht kind of room does the case offer for devices?)

    No floppy?

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    Motherboard: Biostar M6VLQ
    Hard drive: WD/IBM/Maxtor (you can choose if you have a preference)
    3 Bays: Visible 5.25" and 3.5", one hidden 3.5"
    Floppy: No (add one for $20)
    I thank my Lord for all His wonderful blessings.

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    I'm not the best at configuration setups. Is this a good setup? What I mean by that is the specs listed, namely the motherboared. I am interested in the server.

    EDIT: Does the motherboard only support Intel processors? And does it only support celeron? Thanks.
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    I can only really tell you about my experience. So far, almost all of our rackmount servers have Biostar MB's in them. We've not had one fail, so (fingers crossed) we've had good luck there.

    The MB supports Intel Coppermine, Tualatin and Celeron processors. Here's a link to the Biostar info on that board:

    Is it a good deal? I think it's a great deal for a good entry level server (though I'd go for 512MB RAM and at least 40GB HD), particularly if you're looking to colo it. We haven't been able to buy these this low, but then again we're only buying P4 boxes and not Celeron machines.

    I thank my Lord for all His wonderful blessings.

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    just a FYI if the board runs intel then it only runs intel...unless its a old boarD (like socket 7)...
    -Robert Norton

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