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    I Need A Good, Free Shopping Cart

    Hi there

    I am just starting into a new business, and need to find a good, easy to use, secure shopping cart system, preferrably free!
    any ideas??

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    hmm, there is one that is open source and looks real nice...

    OS commerce? *looking for link now*
    Can't find it... It was a spiffy looking shopping cart, created and released open source. Anyone know where or what product I am talking about?


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    I second the OSC referral.

    We partnered up with OsCommerce a while back. The project leader, Harald Ponce de Leon, deserves a lot of credit. It's a great product, free and opensource with an amazing amount of support resources available.

    We host a few hundred osCommerce shops, and the clients stick with the OSC system year after year.
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