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    Gaming Site Redesign & Sys Admin Wanted!

    edit: I was originally going to post this in two posts, but alas!, the rules prevent me... so, this is one post looking for two different things:

    1) Designers Wanted

    Hi, is looking for a face lift. If you have what it takes to turn a good gaming site to an awsome gaming site, please send me your rates, resume and references.

    2) Staff Wanted

    I'm looking for experienced game server admins (Half-Life, RTCW, UT, etc.).

    The best candidates will:

    * Have experience setting up and managing game servers on both Win & Linux.
    * Be familiar with & respected in the gaming community (i.e. you run a high profile clan, worked for id software, run a forum, etc..)
    * Be located in Atlanta.
    * Have a good sense of humor.
    * Be flexible and available full time.
    * Be of high personal & moral integrity.
    * Have customer/technical service experience.
    * Have a great business mind.

    This is a great opportunity to turn your passion & experience into a career.

    Part of the job description may include helping with the web hosting side of things, but primarily, I'm interested in someone who has the passion and vision -- and would take great pride and satisfaction in helping to establish a successful gaming server company.

    I have run and managed a very successful web hosting biz for over 6 years. I'm branching off a new company into the gaming server market. Presently, the gaming site is My hosting biz is

    This is a paying position -- the salary is negotiable based upon your experience, availability and requirements.

    I would really prefer to have someone 'on location' (We use Internap in downtown Atlanta, with our offices out of Alpharetta). I will consider alternatives.

    Please direct your resume, requirements, and references to my attention via email.

    Side bar:

    If you are ultra-passionate about gaming, but lack the experience I am looking for, you may be a good candidate to be a community admin. A community admin generally works in exchange for services and sponsorship. For example, if you belong to a top rated clan, we may be interested in 'sponsoring' you and provide low ping servers for your clan in exchange for your promotion of our services. We could help you gain experience, and you would help us by talking us up in irc & related communities.

    I'm certainly NOT looking for someone who just wants a free server, or someone who wants us to provide a 100 user HLTV proxy for free for their mega clan. Any arrangements have to make business sense -- the bandwidth costs in this venture are high. You would need to prove yourselves as sincere in helping us grow the biz before we start shelling out the goodies.

    Thank You & God Bless!
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    Hello KBritt,

    I've taken a look at the site that you want to have redesigned. I normally take a look at my client's existing sites or visions and then assess how big a job it can be. Your site has all the content and style for me to adapt into something a little more streamlined. Unlike many designers, I design each site from the ground up focusing on their usability. That's not a posh way of saying I work on making simple, easy sites that look ugly. I also design unique sites, I do not create the same layouts over and over again. Whilst I do browse popular sites for inspiration, you will never see any element in my design that is copied from any exisiting site. I'm proud of my creativity.

    I can give you links to a few sites I've designed and I've attached a link to an extensive portfolio, testimonials (references) and my resume.

    Quick Links to the sites I've designed:
    ^^ this design is for sale as the client backed out of the purchase. This will be of interest to you as this is a design for a gaming site.

    Link to download my entire portfolio/testimonials and resume:


    I don't charge by the hour as you will have no idea how many hours I have worked for on a certain project. I normally charge $300-600 for a full site depending on the amount of time I need to spend on it (i.e. if you ask me to change certain things, develop new sketched). All of my clients so far have loved my first design sketch for them, and I have never needed to design further sketches for them. If you are interested, then we can discuss the exact payment.

    If you're interested you can email me at [email protected].
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    Fazel: Nice work, do you know php as well?

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    Unfortunately, I can't call myself a PHP guru, I can do lightweight coding but nothing extensive. However if you need say a CMS script to be developed, I could do that for you in ASP, which I'm fluent in.

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    i own and i want to learn about setting up gaming servers and managing them i dont need the dedicated server im in it for the knoledge and when im good enough il help you contact me if you have msn or aol or just talk here hope to hear

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    count me in.
    Please take a look my portfolio website at
    hope you will like my works.

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    Hi there,

    I am a webdesigner with 2 years commercial experience and a keen interest in gaming.
    I used to run a gaming ISP and manage the servers.
    I am very interested in working with you on this project, I dont get much chance lately to do gaming sites.

    My portfolio is at : the gaming ISP is among my portfolio.

    If you wanna have a chat about it , my icq is 151972277 and my email is [email protected]



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    Please let us know if we can help you with the redesign.
    You can view our portfolio at

    Best regards


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    Originally posted by dalecom
    Hi there,
    I am a webdesigner with 2 years commercial experience and a keen interest in gaming.
    With 2 years commercial experience I would have assumed you had a knowledge of copyright.

    I have had dealings with Dalecom, but never again.


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    Originally posted by Croftie
    I have had dealings with Dalecom, but never again.

    What happened?


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    Originally posted by SarahBurton

    What happened?
    Long story, but basically this guy does not realise that if he sells and passes you the copyright of images or a site design then he should not keep using those images or keep up the site design after being asked several times to remove.

    Mind you, when he says that ALL images were created by himself and you find that a pic and text was taken from another persons site (without permission and confirmed by that sites owner) it does not inspire confidence.


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