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    Cpanel 5 not sending mail?

    this is a cross post:

    I'm hoping a Cpanel expert can help my host and me figure out why emails are not getting sent back from my host's support team, or my host's personal email address (we're all using the same host). No bouncebacks, no errors, just gone. This happens only with this sender, and all other outside mail seems to be okay.

    This disappearing/deliverance failure was happening when my site was on Ensim-- between my site's SMTP and two other sites hosted by same company-- but when we moved to Cpanel, suddenly we were able to communicate by email with one another again.

    however, the problem has come back: now it's the actual host's support team, the owner of the company who cannot send me mail, although he is getting mine. Again, no bouncebacks, no errors.

    Any ideas? MX checks out okay, DNS checks out okay.

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    Have you tried the CPanel Forums:

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