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    (Semi-)managed dedicated server quotes, please...

    About week ago I posted here asking for recommendations for dedicated server companies. I have contacted a few of the recommended companies and am in serious discussion with one company in particular, but I would still like to ask for quotes in an open thread as you never know what will come up.

    As stated, I'm looking for a managed or semi-managed solution. My prime concern here is that if something breaks (i.e. apache crashes and won't come back up etc.), I can contact the server company and they will swiftly correct the problem. Also quite important to me is server security. Updating and/or installing other software is of course appreciated, but not necessary, seeing as I want to use CPanel, which takes care of most of this itself.

    I will be requiring the server to be set up around the first of November, giving me a few weeks to fully explore received offers. This is something I am not going to rush on and I can afford to take my time. The order will be placed about a week in advance.

    System specs:

    I'm looking for a high end system, with 1024 MB of ram (DDR where applicable). Minimal 1 x 40 GIG 7200 RPM IDE drive, a backup drive is appreciated, but not a necessaty. I only offer free hosting and my users are well aware that it is ultimatly their responsibility to make backups. P3, P4 and Athlon systems will be considered (no Celeron or Duron systems, please). As stated before, CPanel/WHM is also required (my users love it, and if they love it, I'll see to it that they get it). I'm looking for 300 GIGS of monthly transfer or more (no Cogent only deals). My servers are currently using less than 100 GIGS a month, but the room for expansion would be a requirement.

    My budget: Ideally $300 a month or under. I might be able to go a little higher if the package offered is intresting enough. A small setup fee will be considered ($100 or less, if any more, the possibility to spread it over a few months).

    I'll also note that if the company is reputable and I like what I'm told, I will strongly consider signing a 6 or maybe even a 12 month contract.

    Please post your offers here or PM them. Don't email them as my inbox is rather full at the moment.

    Looking forward to talking to you

    EDIT: Could a mod please move this to the requests forum. Thought I was in requests, seems I wasn't
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