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    Angry Sterlet/Unixhoster - bad.

    Today when i woke up i had several clients on my phone, ICQ, etc. saying their accounts were suspended. When i wanted to see whats going on i realised MY account was suspended too. I checked my email for explanation but unfortunatly there wasnt any email. I tried contacting them via live chat and ofcourse, they didnt answer. I submitted a ticket (priority 1) 1 hour ago and wasnt answered yet..

    I lost 2 clients, will loose another in an hour or so. They want their files, but cant get them, they ask me whats going on, and i dont even know it. Im pissed off.

    I know its probably suspended after a failed CC transaction but atleast inform me of this, so i can update the CC Info and move on. Suspending accounts on the FIRST failed transaction seems to be a bit weird aswell.

    If anyone of you sterlet/unixhoster people are reading this.. How the hell can i do any business when you guys fail to do yours? Im not a bad guy, I didnt whine over a little downtime, i paid my bills in time, i didnt whine when i didnt got the support i pay for but this is just over the top.

    Let me atleast let my clients get their files and mySQL dumps and move on. Some of them actually try to run a business and so do i.


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    Sorry to hear about your experiences. Its very easy to loose clients but very hard to obtain them.

    We had a client who did not pay his monthly fee on time, however, a polite email was all that was needed. In fact, the gentleman was actually on holiday and emailed us back saying that he will renew his account when he got back.

    I think terminating an account straight away is a bit harsh.

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