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    Staff/resellers/designers needed

    Hi people,

    eProfit Host is a new hosting company and in fact, our comapny only have one server currently and I am the one running the whole show now. Icurrently have about 10 clients and I hope that through this forum, I can find some partners that will be with me to make this business big.

    The most important thing I need now is a logo, a template and a banner. I need someone who is good with graphics and web design to join me as a staff. I will be paying you through web hosting (reseller/virtual account). I will also be introducing all other members to you for design and you will earn 70-100% of the money.

    I also need some staff that is knowledgable in servers. Frankly speaking, I am not a very technical person and I need help with some of these things. The staff will also be acting as support for our clients.

    Resellers would also be welcome, but I am going to propose a new reseller system. When you join me as a reseller, you will get a free virtual account and host your site. You can sell any package at any price you want (provided that the company is not making a loss) and you will be about 60%-80% of the money. The rest of the money will go to the company for maintenence of the server, bearing in mind that you are not paying for the account.

    When the monthly income of the company have reached a certain amount, new servers will be brought in and new resellers will be recruited. If possible, every reseller will have a dedicated server for them to resell or they can use the dedicated server themselves to provide hosting for others.

    For resellers who joined the company, they will be guided until the day they get their first customer and that they are used to the web hosting business. Therefore, newbies, do not be afraid to join! Courses are provided for you! Ebooks that teaches marketing, making sales letters, etc will also be provided free of charge.

    As the company is new, I am only willing to exchange hosting with service. I do not wish to incur more expenses as the cost of the servsers are already demanding. I want the people whoare joining me to be fully committed to this job. I will be working with you hand in hand and together, we will expand this company. I am not saying that you are working for me, but that you are working with me.

    My dream is to set up my own data center with 100+ servers and 1000+ resellers and members. I will also hope to have 24 hour support provided by staff and also, our own web and graphic designers, not forgetting our own techincians too.

    If you are willing to work with me to realise this dream, please contact me through

    email:[email protected]
    AIM : eprofitcorp
    ICQ : 32387214
    MSN:[email protected]

    You may also post your message here.

    Since the company is new currently, I do not want to incur more expenses and I am only willing to exchange service with hosting/ebooks.

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    i am good with redhat servers?

    what are you running???

    also, i really do advise you to get another server soon, as one is very dodgy.

    also, make sure you backup often

    anyway, i will contact you shortly about this

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    In short;
    "I want you to be fully committed yet I'm not going to be committed to you (I'm not gonna pay you)".

    Ep, I'd suggest you seriously look at the way you do business. If you want a real linux tech, feel free to contact me, tho my services aren't free.
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    If that's what you think, so be it. I dont want people who join just for the sake of money.

    Even though I am not paying, I still have many people interested in working with me. This shows that money isnt everything

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    Money is not everything......

    But it buys everything! I would suggest starting on your own, outsource support as needed, then pull over your own support people as you need/afford it.

    Just my opinion, I understand where you are coming from, but you have to understand that a truely experienced tech will weigh this....

    One hand this guy will pay me 2-5k a month, in the other hand eProfitHost will give me a free hosting account. Think about it that way...

    If your that small and just starting out i would suggest outsourcing. and there are some others.

    Good luck with your business!
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    It sounds to me like this idea hasn't really been thought through. Maybe you should think about a business plan 'cos I don't see you being around for very long from what you've said above.

    Additionally people might have a little more confidence if you actually posted your companies details (a website would be good - you must have one as you currently have "about 10 clients") or at least use a more professional looking email address than Hotmail.

    The best of luck!
    Josh Powell.
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