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    enom reseller account needed

    I need an enom reseller account with best rates. $6.95 for com, net, org, info, biz and us and the BEST rates for all other extensions.

    1. Please, contact me ONLY if you are a direct reseller.
    2. Please, contact me ONLY by e-mail, no PMs or answers to this post.
    3. Please, send your best offer (setup fee + rates). Don't send me ridiculous setup fees, I won't answer. The best offer will win. Price is just one factor taking into consideration. The winner will have to have a very good reputation, also I might need feedback from your existing resellers.

    Thank you for your attention. Look forward to receive your offers.

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    Is anyone even selling them that cheap anymore? There's someone above this post selling for $20 fee with $7.50 registration.

    Might be worthwhile.


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    Well, your not going to find a price such as $6.95 anymore with the new eNom rules. If you do find one, it will be HIGH. These accounts are now worth money again as they were a while back.

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