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    Thumbs up Kill Process Utility for Linux Dedicated Server (Shared Hosting)

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    Im interested
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    im very interested as well

    to make it a success you need to make the script:

    1. use virtually no resource at all, any performance decrease will make the script UNusable

    2. define scripts that it will never kill no matter what the load.. e.g. cpanels backup program and cpanels scripts, etc...

    3. soft kill first, if that doesnt work then do a hard kill

    4. option to detect BNCs and eggdrops if desired

    5. scripts that got killed by the script must get logged and emailed to the admin. the email will include the full path of the script, what load it was at and how long it was going before it got killed.
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    About your points:

    1. there is no performance decrease, it's just as a simple "ps" command
    2. right now, i'm ignoring some users processes not scripts specifically (example: root processes are ignored)
    3. Will consider this
    4. maybe on a later version (depends on the success of the first one)
    5. working on this already

    Keep in mind that this experimental only... i'm just doing a "Market Research"


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    I have coded a service that does all of this already (for personal use on my servers). It checks the memory and CPU usage percentages, the shared memory, the time the process is running and kills it off if it's too high. It will ignore users and processes you want to have higher limits (or no limits) on.

    Also it will automatically reboot the server if the load average gets too high. It also checks to make sure that all the services you want are still running -- in case it kills the parent process and brings down the service that was taking up too much resources. It will automatically restart any service that's down, it will run continuously and check every 15 seconds.

    This doesn't take up any resources at all. It will also log and email any reports/alerts of any process it kills, sees down, restarts and it's status, and any other such information. There is a lot more to this, and I was considering on just giving this away... you are considering on selling this type of script?
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