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    I've been using a RaQ server for a while for my clients and this server does all the DNS for all the Domains. I am now moving to a Windows.NET server and was wondering if anyone can help me on setting up a NameServer on this.

    To keep costs minimum, I would prefer using DNS services already present on the server- if that is a possibility. If it is, how do I go about doing it?

    I've registered two new NAMESERVERS from my registrar and they point to two IPs on this new server (it has a total of 10 IPs). Where would I define my NS1 and NS2 servers on this Windows.NET server and how would I add the entries like A records and MX records for all the Domains that I move to this server?

    Help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Windows.NET should come with a DNS service.

    This service will act identically to your *nix setup, only its all GUI.

    You start by creating a zone, that would be com, then you make a domain, that would be webhostingtalk then you create your host, that would be www

    Add that all together and your dns ser4ver will then resolved

    Its really easy stuff, make sure if you want to use it for doing other lookups other than data stored on your server (i.e. domain names you own) dont make a root tree ('.') otherwise it will class itself as a root server and wont use the root hints file to do lookups for other domains.

    My knowledge is a little limited when using windows in the hosting world, as ive only used that on a company lan for active directory domain names and hosts.

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