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    Need a good programmer

    what i am looking for is a web control panel for web hosting.
    if done, our company will host your domain for free with unlimited features including web space, sub-domains, mail, ftp, etc....
    Also if we release this control panel for sale, the developer will get 80% of the profits, and this will be done up on contract so that you do not get screwed over. And if more needed then we can work something out.
    Must be able to run on apache 2.0.**/1.3.**, proftpd, and wuftpd.
    Must be able to support shared hosting(many domains on one ip address). Able to edit name servers, mx records, and etc. and with the look of CPanel (only so customers can get around easy).
    And not required but maybe to where the administrators can install perl modules from the web.

    Personnal \\:
    Password Management
    Web Files Manager
    User Statics
    Advanced features for Administrators
    Unlimited Aliases, Forwards & Autoreply
    Database Creation & Administration

    Domain \\:
    Account Information
    Users Management
    Server Status
    Remote & Local Backup
    Administrator Functions
    PHP, Perl, SSI, ASP, Shell Management & domain settings
    SSL, CFM, JSP Support
    CRON Support

    Reseller \\:
    Domain Management
    Domain Creation
    Client cp Template
    Server Status
    Administration features

    Server \\:
    Accounts Management
    Default Template
    Server Status
    Account Creation
    Administration features
    Services Control Panel

    Central \\:
    Administration features
    Automatic monitoring
    Account automation
    Load Balancing
    Servers Live Statistics

    System \\:
    Apache Management
    Sendmail Management
    Quota Management
    User Management (FTP, E-Mail)
    MySQL Management
    PHP, Perl, SSI, ASP, Shell Management
    SSL, CFM, JSP Support
    DNS management
    System & Services Monitoring
    QMail management
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    First off, *wrong forum*. This should be in related offers and requests.

    Secondly, you're talking about *hundreds* of hours of work here (and that's conservatively speaking) for what, some hosting. I take it you'll expect this developer (if you find one) to support the software as well, updates etc..,. All for some web hosting - what an offer for the developer huh!

    A better idea might be to invest a few bucks in an existing, well supported product like Ensim or CPanel rather than re-inventing the wheel.
    Josh Powell.
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    You should check out script-lance.

    Good luck.
    Kaumil P.

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