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    Control Panels??? Can i use a different one then what's provided

    lets say i sign up for hosting from some provider, and they give me an control panel type deal to maintain my site. you know, just simple things like assign emails, check site status.. etc..

    my question is.. what if you don't like the particular control panel that they use. can you use your own? how hard would it be to change it?

    basically i'm looking for something that gives me REALLY REALLY detailed logs and stats of my site. Detailed as in stats on everything, page hits, hits per time/day/hour/etc.. and a detailed tracking of where visitors came from.. etc..

    Is it possible to run my own server stats thing? anyone know anything about this stuff?

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    Instead of worrying about the control panel, go for a good stats program. Check out There are a lot of good ones there. AWStats is nice.

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    If you are on a shared server you are not able to change the control panel, and even if you are on a dedicated server this would be much work.
    As Jtru already said, get your own stats program.

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