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    Im looking for headline news or article script


    Been looking for a headline news or article script for days that and still can't find anything good. Im looking for one with option to print it and also email it and if possible, below it for people to comment on it even though its OK if i can't have that feature. If anyone know where I can find one that is free or one that cost about $20 please let me know. I really need it to finish up my main page. Also I can add images and it shows the number of times it was viewed and also date on it. If anyone can even tell me something similar to what im looking for then please give me link to it. If you can code one for me then tell me how much you going to charge.


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    I installed DMA News for one person, and I think that was the best news article software out there......

    There are few more I would recommend.

    Article Manager is more like what you are looking for.
    And finally, WMNews..... people who use it, love it!

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