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    Looking for Forums Parnters (No Pay, do it for interest)

    I am looking to build a few forums. To do this, I need to find a few parnters that are willing to design (I perfer someone with experience), and manage the whole forum with me. I am doing this for my interest, I had already bought a few domain name

    a sport forums

    a forums with no topic, free feel to guess anything. If not, I may just forward this site to another forums. (already has traffic to this site)

    and looking for one that talks about car (HONDA only). If someone is interested in this feild, I will suggest a few domain name, and I will buy it for us. There are 2 domain in my mine, but I am not sure what you (my parnter) want to have.

    I will also give out hosting space. I do not want to pay for vbullentin yet, and I perfer no cost forums. Like , and/or PHPbb would be fine. Email me if you are interested. Later if we can get any sponsor, we can share our profit.
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    Well, you could make me one of the moderators. I have more than a year forum experience, and a member of more than 5 or make it 8 community sites, though i never had any moderator experience yet.
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