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    Arrow Web [Designer] Great designs for dirt cheap prices.

    Hello all, if your in need of a website done please feel free to hit me up for quotes, I know I said I was going to stop taking orders but Im taking any and all requests for web design jobs just long enough until I have enough funds! You'll find my eye for design and cheap-o prices very appealing...

    My site is ,

    My portfolio is @

    The portfolio section is currently under construction, but here are a list of jobs I have had:

    Makaveli Productions
    Unfinished Template
    WCO School Homepage
    School Technology Page

    DeviantArt page

    Please contact me via:

    AIM- xlotrxownzx
    MSN- geekmanx
    ICQ- 125203692
    Yahoo- mrcheese95122

    Email- [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Thanks for looking!

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    Hi m8y, can you do phpBB and PostNuke designs?

    PM me with average price if ya can - cheers
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    Sorry, I only do layout and content design, no server elements.

    Also Im not accepting any trade offers at the moment.

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    theAllenFella: I sent you a mail regarding phpBB themes

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