Hello there,

I am renting a server (have been for about a few months) from rackshack, and would like to rent out some space.

I can offer as much bandwidth/space as you need. You tell me your budget/needs and we can work something out. I don't do hosting commercially, so this deal might apeal more to a webmaster that doesnt need a lot of technical support. (All i can offer is basic email support)

Whether you have one or several sites, I should be able to give you a real nice deal.

My server:
1.3ghz celeron
512mb ram
Plesk 2.0.1 (may be upgrading soon)

Only hosting about 15 sites right now. Average load is about .02


If you own a personal finance type of site, and get decent traffic (at least a couple hundred a day) I will gladly host you for free provided you post a "hosted by" link on your site.


Last but not least, I have a plesk 5.0 server license (either 300 or unlimited domain license) for sale.

Retail on 300 domain is: $599 (Your price $450)
Retail on unlimited domain is $799 (Your price $600)


Any questions, do let me know.