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    % of Windows Server / Unix Servers

    For people who are resellers of both unix and windows' servers,

    What % percentage of accounts you host are Unix server and what % percentage are Windows server?

    80% unix and 20% windows?


    tokyo, japan

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    Check out and

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    perl -le '$_=`man perlfaq1`;print/"(j.*)"/'
    Windows is simply too expensive to set up and maintain for most. Why would I pay thousands of dollars in software to run Windows, when I can put that money into faster hardware and run a free [UNIX] alternative that outperforms the expensive Microsoft software in valid areas? I also like seeing what I run, so I can apply fixes and such. It would be a huge disadvantage if we leave Microsoft to our security when most of us are fully qualified UNIX security administrators. Also, the money we've saved in software applications goes right into new services for our customers. It's a win-win situation every time for us.

    We don't do Windows. I'd like more opinions from both Windows-based and UNIX-based providers...
    Richard Ward
    1 NET LANE, LLC.
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    I agree completely with Richard. Nicely said

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