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Thread: what yo' pc!

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    what yo' pc!

    Home PC. For personal use. What's yours? Follow model!

    CPU: Athlon XP 2200+
    RAM: 512MB PC2100 DDR
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 60GB 7200RPM
    CD Drive: Lite-On 40/12/48 CD-RW
    Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy Value OEM
    Speakers: Altec Lansing AVS300 2.1
    Video: Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB

    Suggestions for additions to model? Please suggest then.

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    Tacoma, Washington

    CPU: AMD 1200 Duron
    RAM: 256 MB SDRam
    HARD DRIVE(S): 60 gig SeaGate 7200rpm, 20 gig SeaGate 5400rpm
    CD DRIVE(S): Sony 24x10x48 CDR/RW, Samsung 16x48x DVDRom/CDRom
    SPEAKERS: Altec Lanseng 40 watt subwoofer/sat speakers
    VIDEO: Hercules Prophet Geforce II MX 64 meg

    Not too high-end but it gets the job done.

    For additions I'd highly recommend a second physical hard drive. If not for back ups, then at least to keep things in their place. Also an excellent thing to have if Windows decides to totally hose itself and you want to recover data through a second fresh installation.

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    Re: what yo' pc!

    Originally posted by appletreats
    Home PC. For personal use. What's yours? Follow model!

    CPU: Athlon XP 2200+
    RAM: 512MB PC2100 DDR
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 60GB 7200RPM
    CD Drive: Lite-On 40/12/48 CD-RW
    Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy Value OEM
    Speakers: Altec Lansing AVS300 2.1
    Video: Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB

    Suggestions for additions to model? Please suggest then.
    Nice setup, but you may want to fork over a couple more bucks for the Athlon 2400+. Overall that is a good setup, with an awesome video card.
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    Sydney, Australia
    Toshiba laptop:

    Pentium III-M 1.1ghz
    RAM: 256mb
    Hard Drive: 20gb something or other (IBM Travelstar IIRC).
    CD-Drive: Toshiba 8x DVD
    Sound: ALi Audio Accelerator (crap sound card)
    Speakers: Sharp surround sound HiFi - 4 speakers.
    Video: Trident CyberBlade XP 16mb (very crap video card).

    My old laptop had a Yamaha sound card and an 8MB S3 Savage video card and had much better video performance but only PIII-M 700mhz.

    For backups I keep a copy of my documents on the Linux fileserver which is a cheap headless box with 3HDDs (I'm thinking of adding a 4th).

    Shaun Ewing

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    Re: what yo' pc!

    CPU: Pentium 4, 2.53ghz (533FSB)
    RAM: 512mb PC2100 DDR (Corsair)
    Hard Drive: 2 x Seagate 40gb 7200rpm
    CD Drive: Sony 24/10/40 Write/Re-write/Read
    Sound: Onboard 6ch (all the goodies), matches my SBLive!
    Speakers: Big Studio PA's, 15" bass drivers.
    Video: Asus GeForce4 Ti4200 128mb Deluxe
    Motherboard: Asus P4B533-E

    Still a baby.
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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    AMD Athlon 1.2
    256 DDR RAM
    2 Maxtor 7200 RMP HDs, both 80 Gigs
    Speakers: Altec AVS500B 5 piece system.
    Sound Card: SB Live!
    Video Card: ATI RADEON 7500 64MB.
    Teac CD/RW and Toshiba DVD drives, thats about it I think.....

    Did I miss anything?

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    Redmond, WA
    Here's mine:
    CPU: Pentium 4 2.4ghz
    M/B: Intel D845EBT
    RAM: 1024 MB DDR 266
    HD: 2 x 60 GB Seagate Baracuda ATA IV's (RAID 1 configuration)
    DVD: Creative 12x Encore
    CD-RW: Plextor 40x12x40A
    Video: GeForce 4 Ti4400 128MB
    Chris Spangler
    [email protected]

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    East Bay, CA
    CPU: Athlon 700 @ 935
    RAM: 384MB
    Hard Drive: Maxtor 30GB 7200RPM
    CD Drive: Plextor 40x12x40, and whatever the DVD drive is that I stole from my fiancÚ
    Sound: Sound Blaster Live! Value
    Speakers: Altec Lansing ACS33
    Video: GeForce 2 MX

    Wow! I'm pathetic

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    AMD K6-2 [email protected]
    256MB PC100
    8.4GB 5400RPM Seagate HDD
    8MB SiS onboard graphics
    Ess Solo onboard sound
    Creative 8x4x32x CDRW
    Samsung 32X CDROM

    Fear the power.

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    Hmmm.. Well, mine is a bit old. Got it in November of 2000.

    AMD 1100 Athlon
    512MB PC133
    40GB IBM 7200 HD
    Imation 20x8 CDR
    19" Compaq Trinitron Monitor
    650 Watt Onkyo Receiver - 2 Front Speakers, 2 Back Speakers, 1 Center, 150 Watt 8" Cone Onkyo Subwoofer (Soon to be a JBL 400 Watt 12" Cone: )
    Domain Software, LLC.

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    Dec 2000
    San Diego, CA
    Pentium II 450mhz
    384MB RAM (PC100)
    100GB Western Digital hard drive, 16.7GB original drive
    16MB nVidia RIVA TNT
    Dell 19" monitor

    Someone buy me a good gaming box, please!
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    CPU: Athlon 1.4GHz
    RAM: 256 MB SDRAM PC-133
    Hard Drive: Maxtor 40GB (2 partitions), and Maxtor 135MB
    CD Drive: Generic 36x
    Sound: Crystal WDM (disabled - on board) & SB PCI 128
    Speakers: Optimus 3 speaker system hooked up to home recroding equipment, and 120watt powered sub.
    Video: Voodoo 3 3500 AGP /w TV out

    If I can ever find a job, I'll put in 1 GB of DDR (my mobo can support either SD or DDR RAM) and upgrade to a faster processor, and add 2 additonal HDs, and get a new video card (My voodoo3 has served me well ).
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    Brand: A La Rocker Grrl aka custom built

    CPU: Athlon XP 1800+
    Motherboard: Soyo Dragon Plus
    RAM: 1GB PC2700 DDR
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 40GB 7200RPM
    CD Drive: Yamaha CD-RW
    DVD Drive: Lite-On 16x
    Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
    Speakers: Creative Inspire 5.1 5300
    Video: Leadtek Geforce 3 - Ti200 - 128mb
    Heat Sink: Thermaltake Volcano 7+
    Case: Antec 1040B - painted jet black -- was charcoal black/grey
    Fans: 2 80mm Antec fans (came with case), 2 80mm Antec Smart fans, and 2 120mm Antec Smart fans

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    *cries* Another one of these threads *deep breath*

    Home Desktop: P3/933, 512 MB, 20 GB, GeForce 256, Windows XP
    Home Laptop: iBook 600 MHz, 256 MB, 20 GB, Mobility Radeon, OS X 10.2
    Work Laptop: P1/300, 64 MB, 4 GB, god knows what, and somehow running Windows 2000 (it's a superslim though, and I mean super)
    Work Desktop 1: P4/1700, 512 MB, 40 GB SCSI, Radeon 8500 128 MB DDR, Windows 2000
    Work Desktop 2: G4/933, 768 MB, 60 GB, GeForce4 MX, OS X 10.1.5

    /me likes work
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    My home PC:

    CPU: Athlon XP 1800+
    RAM: 256MB PC2100 DDR
    Hard Drive: Seagate 15GB 5200RPM
    CD Drive: Acer 48X
    Sound: Standard
    Speakers: Standard Woofers
    Video: TNT2 32MB
    Freelance designer, providing CHEAP and HIGH QUALITY designs.
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    Kansas City, MO
    CPU: 1.2 Ghz AMD Thunderbird
    RAM: 512mb Crucial SDRAM
    Hard Drive: 120GB Western Digital Special Edition (8MB Cache) and 2x IBM 20GXP 20GB Drives in RAID 1
    CD Drive: Plextor UltraPlex 40x (SCSI)
    CD Burner: Plextor Plexwriter 820i (SCSI)
    Adaptec 2940u SCSI Host Adapter
    Sound: Soundblaster Live
    Speakers: Monsoons (Not sure of Model)
    Video: Hercules 3D Prophet GTS Pro 64MB RAM
    Motherboard: ABIT KT7 RAID

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    Home Laptop :
    IBM A21M p3 700, 256 mb ram, 10 gb, dvd , 14 inch tft
    Home Desktop 1:
    duron 1000, 512 mb, 60 gb 40 gb, liteon 24x burner, 16 x dvd, mx440, 17 inch trinitron adi
    Home Desktop 2:
    duron 700, 512 mb, 30 gb 40 gb 15 gb, 8x burner, radeon ve, 2x 17 inch
    Home Desktop 3:
    cyrix 700, 512 mb, 20 gb 20 gb,15 gb, 52x, vo0do0 3000, 17 inch
    4 other assorted machines, all approx 500 mhz, 128-256, 10 gb-20 gb etc, 15 inch mons.

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    Aug 2002
    Chandler, Arizona
    Main machine:
    amd duron 900 (i oc'ed it to like 1ghz amd sucks)...60 gb ibm desktstar (like a bullet proof drive) 20 gb maxtore...ati radeon 9700...sound blaster live platinum 5.1 philips 8x4x32x 16x dvd....*custom* case...(i put neon lights in it sometime ill take a pic looks sweet) Xp PRO....1.5 gbs of sdram
    Server 1:
    dual p4 xeon (clocked at around 4.23 ghz)....scsi raid (i got a $1200 card from my uncle) 4 seagate 18 gb scsi drives....geforce 2 mx 200 or something...52x cdrom 2 gbs of ddr..rack mount case (4u) 450 watt redundant ps...
    Backup server (use it as a router sorta):
    p2 366 256mb sdram...ati xpert2000 20gb ide (maxtor i think) i also have a JBOD raid (using like 4 different driveS)
    -Robert Norton

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    Desktop # 1

    AMD Thunderbird 1.2GHz
    896MB PC-133 RAM
    Maxtor 80GB 5400 RPM
    Maxtor 80GB 5400 RPM
    Seagate 40GB 5400 RPM (mobile rack)
    Lite-On 12x10x32 CD RW
    Inno3D Geforce 3 TI 200 64MB
    SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
    Intel 56K V92 Modem (backup)
    Linksys 10/100 NIC
    HP 10/100 NIC

    Desktop # 2

    AMD Duron 900Mhz
    256MB PC-133 RAM
    Maxtor 40GB 5400 RPM
    Delta 52X CD ROM
    Intel 56K V92 Modem (backup)
    RealTek 10/100 NIC


    Intel 233Mhz
    160MB RAM
    5GB HDD
    8 x DVD Drive
    Netgear 10/100
    On-Board 56K Modem
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    Chandler, Arizona
    sonichost that realtek chipset is a nice chipset :-D
    -Robert Norton

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    Jun 2002
    166mhz Pentium I
    2 bit sound card
    1/2 mb video card
    16 mb edo ram
    2 3 gb harddrives=]
    Orlando Magic--> 05-06 CHAMPS

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    sonichost that realtek chipset is a nice chipset :-D
    It is! I got the NIC for $2, but shipping was $5.99. The shipping must be nicer than the chipset.
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    Intel P4 1.6A overclocked to 2.27GHZ
    512MB Crucial pc 2700 DDR
    Maxtor 7200 RPM 60 GB
    Lite on 32x12x32 (used to be verbatim 40x12x48)
    nVidia TNT2 32mb video
    Soundblaster audigy platinum
    Terrayon cable modem
    Altec lansing ATP3 speakers
    Canon S200 printer
    Viewsonic A70f 17"flastscreen
    Cicero keyboard (5.99 special at london drugs)
    Labtec optical mouse (10.99 special at futureshop)

    That about sums it up

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    Planet Earth
    CPU: 386DX/33MHz AMD
    RAM: 8MB (2MB SIMMs x 4)
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 120MB
    CD Drive: Creative Labs 2x CD-ROM
    Sound: Sound Blaster 16
    Speakers: Altec Lansing (dunno model number at the moment)
    Video: Oak Technology card w/512kb RAM

    And it still works after all these years. Ohh and I even have a 387 math co-processor too

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