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    Question Dedicated vs Virtual Dedicated?

    Hi, everyone..

    I'm a refugee from the shared hosting wars. Have a community Portal, with up to 500 possible users. Written in JSPs. IMPOSSIBLE to find a shared host that doesn't jam too many users onto their servers, causing my app to perform horribly. (It runs great on my dedicated box, so I know it's not the app).

    So, I am trying to decide: go with a Dedicated (seems a bit much) vs. a Virtual Dedicated Server.

    Since my needs are for a single app (and I am not trying to host multiple sites, etc), is VDS or Dedicated overkill? I do know that my experiences with Shared hosting have totally not been a lot of fun, and am thinking that a box all my own (or a VDS without too many other sites on it) might be the way to go.

    Also - I'm a newbie to VDS, and can't seem to find many VDS companies that truly slice up system resources into guaranteed chunks of CPU, memory, etc. Is there a better resource for finding these?

    Oh, and one last (small) requirement: I'm really trying to keep out of pocket costs to $50-99 as I am paying for the site out of personal funds right now.

    Thanks -


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    You probably would want an Ensim SX host for the VDS as you want guaranteed resources. Try going to Google.

    Taking from your post, "VDS, guaranteed CPU, memory " for example will pull up providers.

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    Or if you're feeling brave you could try one of them $49 - $99/mth servers from - Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    Thanks..I'm actually a UNIX admin guy from waaaay back, so trying to admin RedHat on one of the UnitedColo boxes doesn't sound like too bad of a way to go. The only limiting thing there is that UC has only been in biz a few months now, and don't have a track record yet. Things there could work out just fine, but I'd hate to put my site there only to find them vanishing in 3-6 months..

    There's also a few tech things (eg: sendmail) that I haven't wrestled with, though, so that's why I was trying to decide if maybe VDS was the better way to go (less complex on the initial setup). [UC seems to do only minimal setup on their $49 pkg..anyone have any details on just what all is included? Haven't gotten thru to their tech supt yet].

    Problem with VDS is, most of these guys also seem to overload their boxes, just like the shared hosting companies..or do they?

    Thanks -


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    I have a Untied.Loco box on order; I was looking at VDS but I'd much rather have the real thing.

    As for Sendmail - I've never set it up either. I've used Qmail and Postfix successfully; both are simple and robust with much better security track records than Sendmail.

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    Re: Dedicated vs Virtual Dedicated?

    Originally posted by jstolzen
    I'm a refugee from the shared hosting wars. Have a community Portal, with up to 500 possible users. Written in JSPs. IMPOSSIBLE to find a shared host that doesn't jam too many users onto their servers, causing my app to perform horribly.
    Sorry, but with 500 users your site is way to busy for an account on a shared server, that's not the fault of the host.

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    Walter - sorry..I guess I didn't write the first post as clearly as I intended..

    My App today has < 3 users - per day. The 500 users I mentioned are potential users of the app, once it is launched. But, they would not be concurrent. In fact, I'd guesstimate no more than 10 concurrent, and maybe 50 total users per day. Given these numbers - do you or any of the others here have any opinions on the "right" type of platform (Dedicated, Virtual Dedicated, etc)? Site is purely JSP-based and uses MYSQL for pulling/generating dynamic content.

    Even with one user on the site (me), the site has performed extremely bad on shared hosting. When I look at TOP and other things (eg: SAR), I see that there are often high load averages (typically over 2, sometimes as high as 9), minimal swap, lots of paging, etc. This despite trying several different JSP hosts. So, I got the general impression that most of these shared hosting companies just jam too many total sites onto their servers, and are just pulling in the $$s at the cost of their customer's poor performance.

    I'm a former UNIX admin (way back!), so am comfortable with basic admin stuff. But - there are some things I've never had to config, like sendmail (which I hear is a beast to work with), BIND, etc. Given this, I'm wondering if I want to wrestle with all of the software setup, etc of a Dedicated Server, or if a VDS would be the way to go. BUT - my gut tells me that I will probably have the same types of problems (overloading, other people's apps on the box consuming all cycles, etc) that I've had with Shared Hosting..

    Thanks for the reply & any other thoughts you or any of the other folks here have..


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    VDS is usually a lot cheaper than a dedicated server.

    I am recommending ( ), which offers VE (virtual environments) and VPS. Both offer root access with VEs and VPS at low cost. With a VE/VPS, you get root access so you get to configure everything and install whatever programs are necessary. The VPS technology they use is not Ensim, but it is very good (and may be better). The CP provided allows you to install apps on the fly, monitor bandwidth, CPU, etc... and in case you screw up your VPS, they can restore it. I've been with Eryxma for about a year now and am happy with the service.

    If you have $49 handy and like getting down and dirty, then I second the recommendation for a UC box.

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