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    Question Books on Debian

    I'm currently applying for a entry-level tech support job, which would have me start off as a basic help desk support kind of guy, but the team is so small(I'd be the 4th), I know that I'll end up deploying servers, etc for them in a short amount of time if I end up getting the gig(they've told me so).

    They also mentioned that they happen to deploy all their servers with Debian as their default distro of choice. So, I'm looking for some good starter books on Debian, or if it's just a general Linux Admin book, at least something that doesn't *** about what is, and end up being a RH introduction. I'm currently considering the following:

    Running Linux
    Linux in a Nutshell
    Debian 2.1 Unleashed
    Linux System Administration Black Book

    Also, any tips for a first time tech job would be great as well. I know I'll start off in basic support, doing both phone and on-site maintanence. Any websites, past experiences you want to share, feel free.


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    hey :-)

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    It's relatively expensive, but it's packed with 1000+ pages and takes you step-by-step.

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