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    Reseller & Multi-Domain Accounts

    I used to think that reseller accounts and multi-domain accounts were synonomous; but recently have realized that isn't true.

    It seems that reseller accounts allow multi-domains if they are bulk accounts; otherwise they may or may not be multi-domain. Additionally, many multi-domain accts don't offer reseller capabilities. (Tell me if I am wrong.)

    My apologies to AussieBob for saying awhile back that it was just a marketing ploy. I really thought they were the same thing at the time, and didn't understand.

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    You can create a multi domain account with Cpanel without being a reseller. The 'add-on' domain feature must be enabled for the clients Cpanel. In this case the domains resolve to a sub-folder under the main domain account.

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    No need to apologise Chris. Spirited discussion is quite acceptable and God forbid that we all have differing opinions.

    In reference to your above post, I would say there are differences between Bulk Reseller and Multiple Domain and then there really aren't differences. It all depends on how you present your product and what market you are targeting. Both are good markets with plenty of growth.

    You can use the WHM/Cpanel platform for both. The main difference would be if the host didn't provide personalised nameservers for your WHM account. This would mean that they are not targeting the Bulk Reseller type account and are more targeting the Multiple Domain market.

    IMO, the Multiple Domain Name model with no personalised nameservers, is the better business model for a host. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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