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    Buying a domain from someone... Anonymous?


    I'm getting a domain name that currently exists transfered to me.

    Now, I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this. Just from looking around, it looks like they have to transfer ownership from their registratar. Can I not do both in one step? Transfer ownership and registrars? Or am I stuck with their registrar for now.

    Finally, in the end I'd like it to be transfered as an anonymous registration. So, I was thinking of getting it transfered in ownership to (for example).


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    I think you'll have to trans owner first then trans registrar at which point you can apply the hidden registration.

    I know some registrars will make you (the new owner) keep the domain name with them for 60 days.....keep that in mind.

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    Be careful of attemping to be anonymous with your registration. Unless you are using a proxy registration service you run the risk of losing your domain. The standard registration agreement requires valid contact information in your domain record. Should someone complain - you have 15 days to correct it or your registrar is bound by contract with ICANN to DELETE your domain.

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    I really have heard of bad sales from "Anonymous" - no kidding.

    Also do some research on the domain, it might be under dispute or have other legal problems.

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