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    Dumb question on DNS's & acc. setup

    Ok. Until today I had all my hosting/registrar needs through Now, I have my domain with another registrar ( and my hosting with again.

    My problem is really simple - it shows I don't have a clue!
    How do I get the DNSs to direct to my domain name? has given me an IP address, but I had thought that they would give me the Domain Name Servers. allows me to change my DNS with an optional IP and also offers for me to use their DNS's.

    What am I missing here? I know its big but before when I had my hosting through my registrar that I had got the domain name through I didn't have to worry. Now my ignorance is not bliss.

    Should provide me with the nameservers or domain name servers? Or can I use the IP address they gave me at somehow?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You need to change the DNS settings on your domain to that of

    Your domain needs to point towards your hosting account with them. should provide you with their DNS server information.
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    Hi Kangaroo,

    They should either give your name servers to use at your registrar, or you can change the A records for and at the registrar to point to the IP address they gave you. You will also need to change your MX record, and add an A record for

    Either way should work.

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    thanks for the responses. Catalog unfortunately did not give me the info. but I was able to find it partially out on their support pages. Strangely enough they didn't have the correct IP addresses to their name servers.

    I went and put this into my registrar's site for DNS. I didn't see anything about MX, though. Also, I seem to be able to ftp to the IP address Catalog gave me. It seems that at this point the pages are not showing up yet.

    I guess now all I have to do is wait.

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    You can verify that they have DNS service setup for your domain by running dig on a linux/unix box.



    this should return back with an ANSWER of an A record that points to their web server that your domain is hosted on

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