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    Question Getting started w/Dedicated Host-what's needed?

    Hi..just looking at the Dedicated Hosting package from unitedcolo and am wondering..

    Their $49.95 package doesn't come with anything except a raw Linux O/S load. So (and plz forgive me if these are dumb questions, but I'm not entirely sure on a couple of them):

    I'm trying to figure out what I might not have thought of in terms of what's needed to get the box up and going to serve Tomcat-based JSP apps. Here's what I do realize I need, and things I'm comfortable with:

    - JDK
    - Tomcat
    - Apache
    - MYSQL

    But, things I don't have experience with, and am wondering how hard they might be to configure include:

    - DNS (do I need my own name servers, or do I point to something on the unitedcolo network?)
    - SendMail/QMail/etc (both of which I perceive as being somewhat nasty to install & configure properly..actually, the docs for QMail got me thinking about DNS as it would be needed to resolve remote host names [eg: sending email to [email protected]] from the mail agent, right?)

    Is there anything else I'm not thinking of that I should be aware of in trying to scope this thing out?

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    they install php/mysql/apache/webmin and some other stuff but so far all i got was a vanilla bsd install so im working on putting in qmail, mysql, the command wget etc.
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