Cyber World, Inc is a premier Windows Based Hosting company.

Semi-dedicated hosting allows you to both expand your account and be totally assured of your site's reliability and uptime. It combines the reliability of dedicated servers with the low cost of virtual hosting.

Semi-dedicated hosting accounts are placed on their own servers, with no more than 15 accounts on each server. This guarantees extremely high server uptime and abundant server resources for your sites. In addition, semi-dedicated accounts will have their own SQL Server and own mail server.

We have three semi-dedicated hosting accounts available, with the following prices.

Windows Basic Semi-Dedicated Account
500MB webspace
6 Domains
Unlimited email accounts and Aliases
20 GB Traffic
250 MB SQL Server Database
Control Panel
...and more

Windows Developer Semi-Dedicated Account
1 GB webspace
11 Domains
Unlimited email accounts
30 GB Traffic
500 MB SQL Server Database
Control Panel
...and more

Windows Enterprise Semi-Dedicated Account
2 GB MB webspace
26 Domains
Unlimited email accounts
50 GB Traffic
1 GB SQL Server Database
Control Panel
...and more

For more details and to order visit our semi-dedicated page at where you will find a list of all features offerd with these accounts.

Our Backbone Provider is Time Warner Telecom. You can do a speedtest by going to