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    * Independent nameservers?

    1) I am a reseller, and I have my own nameservers. ns1 has an IP: aaa.bbb.203.91, and ns2 has an IP: aaa.bbb.203.92. My reseller account has a third IP: aaa.bbb.202.215. [so the third number is also different!]
    2) I wanted to host Hungarian sites, but the Hungarian regulations require the two nameservers to be on different subnets. I called them, and I offered that I can change my ns1 to aaa.bbb.202.215, but they were not happy that either. They said the two nameservers must have different power supplies, for my further questioning they told that the two nameservers' IP addresses must be in different B classes.
    3) Well, I do not know what that is. Does anyone know what should I do? What are the steps that are needed to have two ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT IP addresses for my two nameservers. I know, that the *BIG* hosting companies solve it somehow, but HOW???

    Should I buy another reseller account in another datacenter, in another city, and "swap" somehow the two ns2 nameservers? How to do that? What should I do to comply the Hungaraian regulations? I have other domains that I could use, and I have a control panel at my registrar so I can do any changes in my records easily. But I do not know what to do.


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    Actually for a lot LESS money, you can go to and get their "static IP DNS service" as a backup for a relatively low amount of money and use their name servers

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    Originally posted by greatbeast
    ...Actually for a lot LESS money, ....
    Thanks for the tip.

    Less than what?

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    I think you can also use for this service for free.

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