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    Exclamation 4 Top Quality Hosting/business Templates In Exchange For Link


    I am launching a site that sells gifts from Ireland but I need links to my site in order to get a good rating in search engines..

    I am offering each of these HOSTING/BUSINESS templates in return for a text/small image link to my site.. All that I ask is that your site/domain is already indexed in Google/MSN and has reasonable amounts of traffic..(200/300 hits/week)

    Here are the links (they are all available in green/blue/red colours)
    - .PSD + HTML
    - .PSD + HTML
    - .PSD
    - .PSD + HTML

    Please PM or email me - [email protected]

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    I'm liking the designs..

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    lol, look like 4template rips to me... of course totally changed, but take a look at the last temp he posted...

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    If you look at all the templates I have ever posted I don't rip.. I admit there is some similarity but this is only through chance.. + the site you are talkin about sells the same templates 100s of times over - I am exchangin once for a link!!

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    Yeah, but I can guarentee you've purchased the temps from 4templates and changed em around. If not, maybe you just used them as reference.

    Too similar to me though.

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    Well I dont see how you can say all 4 templates are rips.. I can guarantee I have never purchased a template from 4templates & i admit the 4th template does resemble a template on the main page of 4templates but you also have to admit that the design I made is very plain and could be compared to any number of other designs. Also why would I purchase a design and then offer it in exchange for a link when i havent used the design for a site of my own

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